Can I Login To Facebook From Multiple Locations

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Can I Login To Facebook From Multiple Locations

Posted by Braley Adelisa on Wednesday, 12 February, 2020 08:56:07

If you manage social media for a national/international retail brand or a franchise business with stores across multiple locations, a point most social media managers miss is that just like Google Local Google My Business, Facebook allows multi-location and franchise businesses to set up interconnected local Facebook pages for each location or branch.

I am getting repeated login attempts from an unknown device in Livingston, NJ even though I am in Orlando, FL. (almost 15 from same location, three attempts today) I keep getting warning messages from Facebook over and over but I don't know how to contact them.

Go to your main Page's settings and click Locations. From here, you can view a list of all your location Pages and the notifications for each one.

Facebook showing me logged in from different location I went to go see all the places I was logged in from on facebook and all of a sudden I see myself logged in from somewhere in New Jersey, I don't even live in New Jersey, I live in Indianapolis, how can I fix this it is doing it to me on both Firefox and Internet Explorer

Im actually streaming to my fb and ytb channels at the same time. Streaming to two fb accounts allows to choose or limit who will see my streams, for example, I could stream mon-tue&wed to friends in one account1 and only mondays to friends account2 (streaming to 2 fb accounts at one will allow me not to do 2 different streams for mondays, but doing one and using it for both groups of people

Thousands of page managers are currently looking for the information on how to add multiple locations to their Facebook Page. If you're owner of a Facebook page with the address, the page is…